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Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

Why Mahindra International School?

Mahindra International School is an established 3-Programme IB School in the state of Maharashtra in India. We have a small student population, small class sizes, great resources and a strong employment package. We seek dedicated and passionate educators who are aligned to our Mission and Vision and to the principles of an IB Education. 

Professionals in our school enjoy the atmosphere of collaboration, experimentation and innovation. We have a robust Professional Development programme which gives access to world-class professional learning experiences both within India and overseas. 

Our student body is diverse, engaged and ready to learn! We speak a range of languages and understand that our different experiences enrich the community. 

Why Pune?

Pune is considered India’s most liveable city. It enjoys a liberal culture, a comfortable climate, a reasonable cost of living and access to most of the comforts available in any large metropolis around the world. Pune has a vibrant foodie culture and a range of natural and cosmopolitan activities to enjoy. 

Pune is also considered one of India’s safest cities and it is comfortable to move around the city in the day or night taking the normal safety precautions. 

Key Benefits 

  1. Working in an Empowered, Innovative and agile international community
  2. Being part of an inspiring group of young peoples’ growth as global citizens
  3. Low cost-of-living enable a strong saving potential while enjoying comfortable living standards
  4. Air tickets on appointment, summer break and on completion of contract for overseas contracts
  5. Relocation assistance for staff moving internationally & from other states in India
  6. Furnished accommodation with basic hard furnishings for the contract period for overseas contracts
  7. Medical insurance Coverage for staff and dependants
  8. Medical reimbursement against bills for staff and dependants
  9. Schooling for two children for single teachers and up to 3 children for a teaching couple at the rate of 20% of the annual tuition fee and admission fee
  10. Retention Bonus or Ex-gratia paid at the rate of 40% of one month’s gross salary on completion of a 2-year contract
  11. Strongly aligned with the International Task Force on Child Protection and effective recruiting practices
  12. Strong professional development opportunities through a blend of on-line and face-to-face workshops within India and internationally

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Position: Primary Teaching Assistant

Start Date: 1st April 2023

Reports to: Homeroom Teacher/ Primary Principal


Mahindra International School recognizes the role of the Teaching Assistant in supporting learning within the structure of the school.

A Teaching Assistant’s primary responsibilities are to assist the students in their learning, in collaboration with the teachers, through the domains of pastoral care, academic support, home-school communication and classroom management.

They will work closely with the Homeroom Teacher(s) and Single Subject Teachers to meet the needs of the students. While carrying out their duties, the Teaching Assistant will exemplify the attributes of the IB Learner Profile and support Agency and Inquiry. In line with the School’s guiding statements and ethos they will “promote open communication based on an understanding of respect”. This is implicit in all communications within the school community and beyond.

Safeguarding Statement: In accordance with the school’s commitment to adhere to the International Task force on Child Protection and all other relevant guidance and legislation in respect of safeguarding children, the Office Manager will be required to demonstrate commitment to promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people in the school.

This position is ideally suited to newly qualified teachers and recent graduates.

Main Responsibilities

Learning and Teaching:

  • Work with small groups /individual students to facilitate greater differentiation as requested by the teachers or the leadership.
  • Contribute to the planning of units and offer suggestions for day-to-day learning engagements; however, it is NOT the responsibility of a teaching assistant to do the day to day planning, even for small groups.
  • Help to keep observational notes on students.
  • Assist in the management of Toddle.
  • Assist in the general day-to-day organisational/administrational tasks
  • Help curate online and physical resources for learning as appropriate
  • Be present to “Meet and Greet” students on arrival with the teacher
  • Assist the teacher with end-of-the-semester reports by offering evidence and observations for the teacher to include in their report writing.
  • Be familiar with the PYP philosophy and methodology. (Principles to Practice PYP)
  • Attend and contribute to all relevant curriculum meetings.
  • Attend and contribute to all relevant PD and meetings, both section and whole school.
  • Apply for local /national courses that will impact directly on their performance at MIS via the PD protocol.


  • Check emails daily for any messages and bring the messages to the notice of the class teacher for responses if needed.
  • Assist with posting notice via email, Toddle and weekly updates.
  • Ensure you read the daily bulletin before the start of the school day.

Face-to-face learning

  • Carry out supervisor duties on campus as assigned by the leadership team
  • Work collaboratively with the teachers and students to develop effective displays that support learning.
  • Continue to support all areas of learning &teaching and communication

General Expectations

  • Accompany the students to the reception at the end of the school day and monitor their departure in buses/cars.
  • Accompany the class during field trips both day and overnight.
  • Carry out any responsibility connected with special events such as Celebrations, Fun Days, Concert etc.
  • Carry out Supervision duties as assigned by the Leadership Team.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Strong IT skills
  • Strong command of written and spoken English language
  • Experience of Toddle or a similar student learning platform preferred
  • Minimum first degree – preferably a Bachelors in Education or M.Ed.  or a  BA or MA in English
  • Double vaccinated and willing to be on campus with students
  • Willing to work on a virtual mode if required

Application process

Please send the following documents by email to

Letter of application indicating clearly your first available start date

CV/Resume – (including at least 2 professional referees – full name, details of their positions, professional email id’s, telephone numbers.) They will not be contacted without the prior consent of the candidate.

Deadline for Application: 31st January 2023