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Mahindra International School has a student teacher ratio of 5:1, employing 59 full-time teachers and a few part-time teachers as well as 8 Teaching Assistants.

MIS has benefited from a fairly long-serving faculty and staff with many members with tenures over 10 years. We expect that all academic faculty hold a minimum of a B.Ed. or similar teaching qualification depending on their country of origin. 51% of our academic faculty hold advanced degrees (Master’s or higher). This, coupled with a strong approach to professional development, ensures that we are able to deliver a high-quality learning experience with a suitably qualified teacher.

Central to the school’s mission of Celebrating Diversity and aligned to the IB Programmes, is our dedication to learning skills of global citizenship. Our staffing strategy recognizes and values host-country perspectives as well as international perspectives. Our teaching faculty are deliberately diverse, currently representing 16 countries. Perhaps, more significantly, our teachers have a broad range of experiences from around the world and bring these to their teaching.