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Founded in 1997, MISA (Mahindra International School Academy formerly under the name Mercedes-Benz Education Academy) is registered as a trust and a society/charity and is not for profit. The Trust receives a No Objection Certificate from the Ministry of Education to operate the school. 

The Managing Committee (Board of Trustees) is self-perpetuating and is made up of professionals with commitment to the Mission and Vision of the school. 5 members are nominated from the KC Mahindra Educational Trust and the other members can be nominated from various stakeholder communities. There are 3 official office bearers; President, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Our Board of Trustees volunteer to provide direction in governance, strategy and fiduciary oversight.

Guiding Principles of the Board of Trustees (Managing Committee) 

All members of the Managing Committee of the Mahindra International School shall: 

  1. Be motivated by an earnest desire to serve MIS and the children it educates; 
  2. Maintain a student focus in all decision-making; 
  3. Be accountable for the financial well-being of MIS; 
  4. Be responsible to MIS rather than any individual group or agenda; 
  5. Establish, in partnership with MIS’s Director, priorities and policies for MIS which are consistent with MIS’s Mission and Vision; 
  6. Recognize that legal authority rests with the Board, not any individual member; 
  7. Honor majority decisions once made.

The School Director is an ex-officio member of the Board. The Primary and Secondary Principals are permanent invitees to the Board meetings. The PTA President and Staff representative are invited to attend all Board of Trustees meetings and form an important channel of communication between the parent body, the faculty and the Board. .

The Director serves as the conduit of communication between the school community and the Trust, Mahindra International School Academy.