A morning well spent with Craig Jenkins: The Storyteller

I start with what I enjoyed. I loved Craig’s energy and enthusiasm toward us. He had us all involved and participating. His sense of humor was great. While all of this was very funny, he had us learn a lot. MYP 1 & 2 clearly asked the right questions and provoked good thinking. He truly connected with us and shared a great energy. It was a good learning, yet fun experience. I hope that along with me, other students too thank him for coming to our school and sharing his stories. His story was truly persuasive. After all of this, in the end, he truly conveyed the power of storytelling.

Ilaan Garware


On 28th February 2018 we have met, the incredible and humorous Craig Jenkins, who is a storyteller known over the seas.Craig, has been known for travelling all over the world just to make children smile and laugh the whole way through, I enjoyed his enthusiastic sense of humour and I am sure every single one of us had a joyful smile on our face while he was acting his memorable stories. During the end of each story I had learnt a moral, and I hope I can memorize them to make sure I can become a better person. Craig Jenkins has also told us, the stories he presented was a gift for all to share stories to one another so others can participate to make their day into a more pleasant, amusing and entertaining day. What I will cherish, and remember for the rest of my life regard the visit is about the gift he has given to us to share and tell others, and give them a lesson they may learn regarding the story of the moral, This is what I have been thinking as a true inspiration and this is why I will treasure this moment forever.

Mohammad Waarid Rahman


Craig is a great storyteller. When he tells us stories, he tells them with such passion and enthusiasm, he connects with the audience. He tells stories with actions, songs, signs and we can tell he enjoys storytelling. He doesn’t just connect with the audience, he also answers our questions with background stories and experiences he has. I used to think storytelling was just storytelling and one can’t have a talent simply telling stories. I think differently now that I have heard Craig’s way of telling a story.



On the 28th of February, Craig Jenkins, a storyteller visited our school. The MYP 1s & 2s had a session with him in the morning. During this session we were told two stories, both very different but both very lovely. The first story was a more comedic and energetic one about a “Boy, His Father and a Buffalo”. While this story was very funny and engaging there were definitely underlying messages and morals to it. I spoke to Mr. Craig more about this and it deepened my understanding about his stories, he makes sure that without being explicit he connects with many different audiences using a single story. His second story was a more beautiful and serious one that discussed the idea and power of storytelling, this tale enhanced my thoughts on the use of storytelling as a tool and it’s endless capabilities to connect with many people.

Yeshaya Engineer


At the end of the session, it was interesting to hear the students as they asked Craig the following thought provoking questions which surprised him. However, as teachers we were not. Both year groups are intelligent, bright and think critically. The students did not just ask questions they were open to suggestions too.

 Maria Mistry

Here are a few:

  • Who was your inspiration before you started storytelling? Does it have anything to do with why you tell stories?
  • Were you interested in books when you were young?
  • Did you ever regret becoming a storyteller?
  • When and why and how did you get inspired to become a storyteller?
  • What was the audiences’ reaction when you first presented?
  • Have you ever presented to people who have differently abled, like being blind, deaf? What was your experiences
  • As a storyteller have you found that there are certain stereotypes or misconceptions about the profession?
  • Do you think that storytelling, as a medium, can be used to express, discuss and raise awareness about the current political climate and issues of the world?