1) You may refer to this website for the growing list of Universities in the US that will no longer require the SAT for admissions in 2022.     2) Please read this complete statement promoted by Harvard and signed by leading institutions in the United States: “No student will be disadvantaged because of…their lack of access to standardized tests…”

Director's Message

Welcome to Mahindra International School (MIS), India’s first 3-Programme IB World school. We look forward to being your ‘home base’ whether you are currently located in India or your children are joining us virtually from other locations. We value the advantages of being a small school with a family feel, where we know each other and have a strong sense of community. We view the partnership of teachers and parents as key to the success of all learners.

The School’s Mission of Promote Learning, Encourage Responsibility and Celebrate Diversity has been an anchor point for us through the recent times of change. Importantly, our Vision statement to ‘create an empowered, innovative and agile community of learners who contribute positively within and beyond the school has been demonstrated by all our educators and learners as we maintain our commitment to high-quality education in new and dynamic ways.

As we sustain impactful learning for students, remain committed to the following priorities.

Sustainable, high-quality, impactful learning – We are committed to living up to our mandate of providing meaningful learning experiences and delivering all key aspects of our learning proposal. While we understand that the learning process will look different at different stages in the year, our commitment to the 3 IB Programmes in the full extent of the experience remains steadfast as does our aspiration for our learners that is outlined in the Mission and Vision statements. We also understand that the needs of our families are varied and changing day-by-day. We seek to meet the educational needs of our learners given the variety of circumstances that we find ourselves in, including participation in learning that is both synchronous and asynchronous.

Health and Safety – we are committed to making decisions and taking actions in the interest of health and safety for all community members and we ask our community members to contribute similarly. We will be informed and guided by experts and best practice in the field of international education.

Community and shared purpose – As a school, we hold strongly to our sense of community. In times of difficulty, our school community is our anchor point and a reflection of our global humanity. We seek to provide that sense of community for families and look forward to the time when our community gathers together again in the physical environment. Our shared purpose is embodied in our Vision and our Mission and will guide our decision making.

Individual and community well-being – We understand that emotional and social well-being are key in the learning process and in being a successful community member. We are committed to attending to the well-being of our community members, to providing support for well-being and to incorporating important elements of social interaction into the learning process itself.

Eileen Niedermann

3 Pillars of our



Inquiry-based, International Curriculum, Pedagogy, Facilities, Holistic approach


Social-emotional Learning, Personal, Communal and Global awareness, responsible action


Varied perspectives, respecting difference, international mindedness, world citizens

Programmes Offered in our


The Primary Years Programme is provided for children in the Primary school (3 – 11 years). A place where students are supported to become independent and autonomous learners through play, inquiry and a concept-based approach.

The Middle Years Programme is provided for students in the Secondary School (11 – 16 years). It prepares students to be successful in school and to be active, lifelong learners.

The Diploma Programme, provides the final two years of education (16 – 18 years). It prepares students for success in higher education and to be active participants in a global society.

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