Dear Families,

A warm welcome from the Parent Teacher Association of the Mahindra International School. Our community is a vibrant and enthusiastic mix of parents and staff, who collaboratively work towards a holistic educational environment for all students at MIS.

The PTA exists as an advisory body to promote communication and collaboration between the Parents and the School with the fundamental aim of enhancing the educational and holistic development of the students.

Aim of the PTA:

  • To be a channel of communication between the Parents, Teachers and the School Management and promote an active partnership between them.
  • To enrich the physical, cognitive, academic and emotional wellbeing of all students by encouraging close school – home communication and collaboration.
  • To represent the school in the larger Community.
  • To support the school in specific projects with a mutually acceptable plan of action.
  • To provide appropriate and constructive feedback on School function and proposals in an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation.
  • To represent the Parent body on appropriate School Evaluation and Accreditation Committees.
  • To raise funds and arrange the purchase of goods and services to support officially recognised not for profit organisations / charities that fit within the framework of the Community Outreach Projects.
  • To initiate and organise social functions / trips / activities that will foster community building and enhance learning.
  • To support the student body and their initiatives within the school.
  • To reach out to new families and assist with assimilation within the Community.

Any decisions and course of action will respect and incorporate the fundamental tenets of the School’s Mission Statement.

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The PTA takes pride in helping to bring together the Mahindra International School community through its various sponsored events.  In the past these events have included but were not limited to:

  • Coffee mornings – New parents get an opportunity to share a cup of coffee with the existing community.
  • Annual International Day – Celebrating the diversity in the school
  • Teacher Appreciation lunch
  • Support Staff Appreciation Lunch

Community Outreach Initiative:

The Community Outreach Sub-committee makes a tremendous effort to reach out into the community and work with various local NGOs to support the community in which our school resides.  From in-house events like the Joy of Giving to external ventures that improve the quality of life of those less fortunate than our families, the sub-committee helps inspire our children to look beyond and reach for the stars.

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Become a Class Representative:

Parents are invited to be a Class Representative of their child’s class. It is a good way to get involved in the school and get to know other parents. A Class Representative has the following role and responsibilities:

  • Maintain good communication between parents and the PTA while also being a valuable resource to the teacher and the class
  • Facilitate the social interaction among families in the school community
  • Liaise with the parents in the class by keeping them informed of activities and events
  • Act as a “support resource” for times when the teacher may request resources or support.
  • Maintain an updated list of all class parents contact details in an easily accessible format in case of any Emergency announcements
  • Encourage class parents to volunteer when needed for PTA initiatives or any other activities
  • Pass on ideas/ requests from the parents to the class teacher or teaching assistant that pertain to the wellbeing of the class in general
  • Class representatives are not to be used to help other parents express concerns about their own children. This should be done directly between the parents themselves and the Teacher/ concerned individual
  • Maintain and distribute all applicable correspondence from the PTA/ School to the parent group and advise the applicable protocol for registering any grievances/ feedback
  • Attend the scheduled meetings of the PTA/ any other to stay abreast of events at school

Participate Through the Wide Variety of Sub-Committees:

  • The PTA each year decides a set of sub-committees that will take on various initiatives throughout the current school year.  Current and past sub-committees have included the following:
  • Survey Subcommittee – The Survey Sub-committee works closely with the management team to help identify, brainstorm and execute various surveys that are brought before the community.
  • Sports Subcommittee – The Sports Sub-committee works with the PE department in the school to support the PE team during sport events.
  • Performing Arts Subcommittee – The Performing Arts Sub-committee works with the Visual Arts department in the school to support the faculty during the events at school.
  • PTA Constitution Sub Committee – The MIS PTA Constitution document is scheduled for review at timely intervals and will be scrutinized by members of this sub-committee.  It outlines the main structure, role and responsibility of the PTA.
  • First Event Subcommittee – This sub-committee works closely with the entire MIS community to organise and execute the First Community Event of the school which is a PTA initiative.
  • Social Subcommittee – The Social Sub-committee organises PTA coffee mornings (one per semester) and the teachers’ and support staff appreciation lunches at the end of the academic year.
  • Community Outreach Subcommittee – in an effort to support the school Service and Action requirement, this Sub-committee collaboratively works with the school in identifying, supporting, helping nurture and building relationships within the larger local community with the focus to help students build a larger sense of community.
  • New Parent Welcoming Subcommittee – This sub-committee worked together to put together resources for new incoming families to help them settle into Pune.  Our New parent Guide Is a product of this sub-committees efforts.

Current Parent Involvement:

The MIS community has always come together to create an environment where parents are welcome to share their expertise, knowledge and interests.  We are open to considering parents’ requests to creating and leading an activity that will enrich the learning experience of our students.

Such ECAs have included but are not limited to the following areas of interest:

  • Leadership and Life Skills ECA
  • MYP Math Olympiad Training and PYP Math Club
  • Saturday Football Club
  • Dance club
  • Yoga Club
  • Zumba Club
  • Korean Mother Tongue Club
  • French Mother Tongue Club

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Parents in the Classrooms:

Many times, the teachers will reach out to the parent community and ask them to present to our inquirers, based on the current Unit of Inquiry. In addition, parents will also participate in various day field trips to assist with chaperoning needs.

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