P5 Exhibition – A balanced lifestyle contributes to well being – Maryam

Children’s well-being.

My name is Maryam, a P5 learner in MISP. I am 11 years old. The issue I have selected to inquire into for my Exhibition is children’s well-being.

Why did I select my inquiry?

I chose my inquiry because I need to know about a healthy lifestyle and a balanced lifestyle especially during this covid pandemic situation. Many things became online such as online learning, online playing and online shopping. There’s not much interaction with others and also we can not go outside freely.

My central idea was:      A balanced lifestyle contributes to well being.

My lines of Inquiry were:

  1. Forms of well-being (physical, emotional and social)
  2. Impact of an imbalanced lifestyle.
  3. Action (strategies) to promote a healthy lifestyle.

My transdisciplinary theme was:   Who we are

My concepts were:   Form    Causation     Responsibility

My focus Learner Profile attributes were

  • Inquirer – When I made my central idea & lines of inquiry.
  • Knowledgeable:  When I researched primary and secondary sources for my lines of inquiry.
  • Thinkers: When I planned and created my slides and website.
  • Communicator: When I discussed with my mentor & teachers and communicated my learning in my presentation.
  • Reflective: When I made my feedback & feedforward form.

My UN Goals was number 3  title Good Health and Well-Being. Ensure healthy lives. and promote well-being for all at all ages.  

My approaches to learning were

  • Self management to manage my time well so I can do on time.
  • Communication to mentor, teachers and parents.
  • Thinking skills to make my website & slides.
  • Research skills in my exhibition journal

My links to the school Mission and vision were

The Vision statement of our school is to create an empowered, innovative and agile community of learners who achieve and contribute positively within and beyond the school.

I was empowered to be a learner as I was independent and responsible for my learning during the exhibition.

I was innovative as I found new & creative ways of communicating my learning: animation video, animaker video, roblox simulation, puppet show, interview, infographic, game online with kahoot, google form.

I was agile as a learner because I can make a website for the first time to show my Exhibition, then I need to make Google Slides as well for my presentation. During my research I found out that for a healthy lifestyle it is important to have good physical health and it contributes to people’s emotional and social well-being.

I gathered information from primary sources with an interview with my grandfather who lives in Jakarta on Zoom. I used secondary resources from Destiny Discover and other online platforms.

A healthy lifestyle encourages good physical health and contributes to people’s emotional and social wellbeing.

  • Good physical health is linked to fitness which is being able to perform physical tasks and also sport.
  • Emotional or mental health is feeling positive about yourself.
  • Social health is about interactions with other people and the wider world. 

  (Source: BBC)

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry

Website link 

Google slides link

My animation introduction video

My roblox simulation

My puppet show

My good digital citizen video

My interview video

My kahoot

My feedback & feedforward form

My slides and website will only be accessible via an MISP email id. 

Inquiry that leads to action!

My personal action will be

  • Physical well-being: Get 7-9 hours of sleep, be active, eat a balanced diet, create animations/drawings that I enjoy.
  • Emotional well-being: Feel positive about myself, compassionate & kind, accept mistakes & forgive.
  • Social well-being: Get involved, share my ideas/skills/talents to others, contribute to community (school).

I ask you to take action by seeing my presentation / website so you will have awareness of well-being. And remember to be happy 🙂

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