As We Move On… 

“The MIS Definition of Learning,” which guides our learning, emphasizes the importance of emotive learning. A positive learning experience enhances memory, supports deeper cognitive understanding, and lays a solid foundation for the future. This blog post describes the transition from Primary School to Middle School at MIS through the lens, feelings, and emotions of the P5 learners. 

The transition to MYP is a significant milestone for many of us. Leaving behind the familiar comforts of primary school and stepping into the unknown of middle school brings forth a myriad of emotions. Some of us, like Cosme, are filled with excitement at the prospect of delving into new subjects and forging new friendships. For Tina, this shift signals both the joy of growing up and the sadness of bidding farewell to childhood. 

As we prepare to embark on this journey, each of us grapples with a unique blend of emotions. Iyana reflects on the novelty of the MYP adventure, while Martina acknowledges the mixture of nervousness, curiosity, and sadness that accompanies this transition. Ziee, however, finds herself torn between the fond memories of PYP and the uncertainties of what MYP may hold, expressing a longing to prolong the joy of primary school. 

Ardinni, too, finds herself caught in a whirlwind of conflicting feelings – the anticipation of new experiences mingled with the apprehension of increased academic pressures. Meanwhile, Doyoon eagerly anticipates making new friends, exploring new classrooms, and immersing himself in extracurricular activities. 

For Jake, there’s hopefulness intertwined with the desire to excel academically and embrace the entirety of the MYP experience. Gabriel grapples with nervousness stemming from academic expectations but finds solace in his past diligence with homework. Shine shares his aspirations for a prestigious high school, highlighting the pressures that accompany such ambitions. 

Sahil expresses a mix of excitement and nervousness, echoing the sentiments of many as they anticipate encountering new teachers and subjects. Zakiya looks forward to the array of activities MYP offers, eager to test her abilities and utilize new technologies. 

Nandikaa voices concerns about time management and academic rigor, recognizing the challenges that lie ahead. Bi Hyung finds excitement in the prospect of learning new subjects yet cherishes the final moments of camaraderie in PYP. Jueun reflects on the fleeting days of PYP as MYP draws nearer. 

Ambar embraces both fear and excitement as she anticipates the newfound freedoms of MYP. Helena grapples with anxieties about navigating unfamiliar territory but resolves to adapt to the new routine. Hayoon looks forward to honing her skills and experiencing overnight field trips. 

Amaira weighs the pros and cons of MYP, acknowledging the increased workload alongside newfound opportunities for growth and leisure. Finally, Sairrah looks ahead to the next chapter of her journey, brimming with anticipation for the memories yet to be made. 

The transition to MYP is characterized by a variety of emotions – excitement, nervousness, sadness, and hope – as the P5 learners anticipate the challenges and opportunities to come. 

Authored by the P5 learning community.  

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