Over the past month, the conflict in Ukraine has caused a tremendous amount of suffering and devastation to the civilian population. Injured People have been forced to seek treatment in underground subways, the border, and women are giving birth in makeshift bomb shelters. On top of these challenges, surviving with the ongoing depletion of resources has displaced over 10 million people across the war-torn country. (“Conflict In Ukraine | Global Conflict Tracker”)

We are a diverse community at MIS, with members from over 60 different nations, and as the world mourns the casualties caused by the Ukraine-Russia conflict, our community has been touched as well. Mr. Dima and Ms. Natalie, two of our teachers, are both from Ukraine and have been affected by the turmoil in their own country. It is our responsibility as their students and as a student body to provide assistance and hope for a quick resolution to the crisis. To aid the people of Ukraine, we decided to hold a fundraiser in which not only the student body but also the entire school community, could donate money to help people in distress. We were able to raise an amount of Rs. 1,35,000 through this fundraising, but we felt that we could take a step further to not only support individuals in Ukraine but also to create awareness and educate the student population about the conflict.

We planned a buyout game of Volleyball between the teachers and the students. Students could pay INR 200 to their respective teachers to get out of class and watch a volleyball game between their peers and teachers. The event took place over the last few lessons between four student teams and two teacher teams. The games were played on a tournament basis, with each team progressing with each game won. The final game pitted the winning student team against the winning teacher team. The final game was the most heated of the competition, with the teachers’ side leading for most of the time only to lose on the last point.

This year STUCO has been able to set a new school record for the highest amount of money raised in a single year to support global conflicts/issues. As well as raising funds and creating awareness, the event provided an opportunity to bring the entire student body together and educate them about the current conflict and even served as an occasion for everyone to relax while enjoying the games. We have supported the entire student body to work together to help anyone, anywhere around the globe, in need.     

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