How can we collaborate to learn across the Primary School?

How can we collaborate to learn across the Primary School?

The PS2 learners are inquiring into light in their current unit of inquiry. It was exciting to be greeted, early one morning, at the doorstep, with a large solar fan kit complete with a solar panel, fan, inverter and a bulb. The entire class was intrigued by how the different parts looked. After an observational drawing to share what they saw, thought and wondered about the machine, the children were keen to inquire into how it worked. Soon the plans were made to find a perfect place to catch the sunlight and put the parts together. With some help in reading the labels, children put the machine together and made the fan and the bulb work. They were true inquirers as they experimented with their ideas and discovered interesting facts. Many understood that blocking the sunlight by standing in front of the solar panel or turning the panel away from the sun causes the fan to stop. Some amused themselves by singing and talking in front of the moving fan and listening to the change in their voice. A small group was delighted to know that the fan works perfectly well inside the classroom as long as the solar panel was installed outside, directly facing the sun.

As we were busy meddling with the kit outside and inside the classroom, we were spotted by some curious teachers including Ms. Archana, one of the PYP 5 teachers. As it happens, PYP 5 students are inquiring into forces and energy in their current unit and Ms Archana proposed that the PS2 children could share what they have learnt/understood about solar energy. The children were more than happy to demonstrate and looked forward to the day.


It was Monday morning and we had an exciting start to our day in PYP 5 with the students of PS 2 coming into our class to share their exploration into solar energy with us. They walked into the class excitedly, well prepared and with the equipment they needed for their presentation.
The students of PYP 5 showed curiosity, respect and appreciation to PS2 students.
Knowledge Sharing:
It was inspiring! A few examples are:
Ruhi explained that the sun’s energy goes to the fan and makes it work.
Neal explained that the sun’s energy goes into the solar panel and flows to the inverter through the wires and then it goes all along the wire to the bulb. That is how the bulb lights up and the fan works. There are wires from the bulb and the fan that have to be plugged into the inverter which give them the power.
Rose explained that the fan didn’t work before because the solar panel was in the shade.
The students of PYP 5 were so impressed by the inquiry done by PS2 students that they are inspired to take their science investigations further.


The PYP5 students were amazed and inspired by the way the PS2 students presented their inquiry and shared their knowledge and ideas. These are some of their reflections:
Taerin: I learnt about the inverter because I didn’t know about it before. I was surprised that the PS2 did so well.
Uma: I was shocked to see how good their knowledge was. I was also thinking of how they inspired me to do my own experiment!
Prakruti: I liked they way the PS2 students used details to explain their project. They used the IB essential elements and growth mindset. They were amazing. They also collaborated well. I also learned more about solar energy.
Filippo- They were really serious and focused on what they were supposed to do.
Lea: Girls and boys worked well and tried to problem solve, they also tried to help fix but didn’t talk and some did talk. I wish our class could also cooperate well. I learnt more about solar panels.
Soumya: I was inspired by their confidence because if I presented to people 6 years older than me, I would be frozen and shy.
Ishaan: I liked the way PS2 cooperated and set up the experiment.
Tiana: I really liked the way they knew everything and how they explained, and if someone asked them a question they knew the answer. When something was not working they tried and did not give up.
Adam: I learned how an inverter is used to convert solar power to energy.
Jaeyun: If it didn’t work, they did not get upset but all worked together to problem solve.
Riddhima: I learned how PS2 can be so cooperative and have a such a big open mindset as they worked together and reflected on how they could make it better. I think that they are role models for us. I also learnt the purpose of the inverter and how solar energy works.
Eunseo: I learned about the inverter because I didn’t know about them and how they problem-solved.
Aadi : To take it further, using solar panels, we could make a backup energy source for the school.