Cardboard Challenge

Last week in the early years, the learners collaboratively participated in the the Global Cardboard Challenge on the 29th September. Inspired by the film Caine’s Arcade, The Global Cardboard Challenge is an annual event presented by Imagination to celebrate creativity and imagination.

In preparation for the challenge, the learners were presented with cardboard boxes to play and create within multiple learning spaces throughout the week. EY1 and EY2 began their inquiry into the language of cardboard boxes by reading ‘Not a box!’ by Antionette Portis and ‘What to do with a box?’ by Janet Yolen to inspire the learners’ creativity as they prepared themselves for the challenge.

Throughout the week, learners explored and interacted with boxes in a variety of ways. Learners were transporting, containment and enveloping the boxes, which included: filling boxes with cushions, books and toys; hiding themselves in their ‘houses’ to turning a box into a cozy bed to lie in; and creating sculptures at the art table.

On the day of the challenge, our EY learners created collaboratively with a range of boxes and sticking material (glue, glue guns, tape, etc.).

Here are some of their final creations.

Ms. Carla Swinehart

PYP coordinator.