CAS Project – Korean Art Exhibition

The Korean art exhibition which took place at the Phoenix Mall in December 2016 was a CAS project entirely planned and organized by me. When I had the opportunity of being a director of the exhibition, I took the opportunity without hesitation because not only I knew that I wouldn’t be able to experience this kind of thing later but also I thought there wouldn’t be much for me to do. However, my thought was wrong. As I started planning the exhibition, I realized that this isn’t an easy job. I wasn’t able to imagine even a slight part of the exhibition and how it will turn out in the beginning because I absolutely had no idea on how to continue with planning out. After a lot of struggles, I was able to finish the exhibition in success.

This experience gave me a lot of things that I wouldn’t have able to achieved by doing other CAS activities. Firstly, I was able to identify my own strength and develop areas for growth. As a director of the art exhibition, I had to plan out the entire structure of the event. And this included the smallest to the biggest part of the exhibition. This required not only my skills on art but also my skills on communicating and thinking outside the box because while solving different kinds of problems, I had to think creatively and communicate with different people. Nevertheless, this also allowed me to demonstrate challenges that have been undertaken and develop new skills in the process. Setting out the exhibition and having meetings with parties related to this event, such as manager of the mall that we were having the exhibition in or staff members in charge of construction were the things that were very new to me and challenged me the most. However, these were the parts that helped me develop new skills and learn how to plan and initiate the exhibition successfully. I needed to show full commitment and perseverance when conducting this exhibition because as a director, there were a lot of things to sort out and I had huge responsibility in my hand. In this process, I could also recognize the benefits of working collaboratively because even though I was in charge of directing everything of the exhibition, I wasn’t able to do all of the works by myself. I needed help from other people from different departments to make the exhibition happen and at the end; I could open and close the exhibition successfully. It was great experience and I realized that being a director for art exhibition needed something much more than just the artistic skills. This is the experience that I’d like to have again if it’s possible because it really helped me to develop myself, as it was very challenging. I believe taking opportunities like this is one of the ways that can be the most effective to show the purpose of CAS because it doesn’t only challenge but also allows us to learn different things.

Demonstration of a DP CAS Project: A creative engagement of students in the IB Diploma Programme is the experiential Creativity, Activity, and/or Service learning project. This authentic project-based-learning experience is one that best shows the stages of investigation, collaboration, preparation, action and demonstration

By Yeonhee Kim (DP2)


Photo by Author and Hyeon Ji Kang