Celebrating and Reflecting when Remote Learning in P1

How about amalgamating celebration and reflection together? In P1, we created a video with the student’s work to celebrate our learning and used that video as a tool for reflection. 

In our unit, ‘How we express ourselves’, our P1 learners inquired into ‘Nature inspires us to create and design.’ Our learners were risk-takers as they tried to find, choose, and use the natural materials available at home to accomplish their tasks. This opportunity gave them scope for endless thinking and creativity. They were communicators as they made their video/audio recordings along with drafting and writing to showcase their work and gave some constructive feedback. 

Our video to celebrate our learning and to review our entire journey showcased both breadth of learning experiences and highlighted student’s work. Watching the video helped students refresh their memories and feel proud of their accomplishments. Also, viewing and appreciating the work of others supports our students in generating new ideas and inspires them to learn from each other and clear up their misconceptions, if any. 

This approach was great especially during remote learning to help keep us focused and remember what we did. This not only helped the students but also helped the teachers and parents to review all the memorable aspects of our journey and how we had collaboratively unpacked the lines of inquiry, self-management skills, supported the development of the learner profile attributes by weaving together different subject areas with nature reinforced the transdisciplinary nature of the PYP at MIS. As a P1 community we were able to analyze the true potential of our learners. This reflective process helped us to see what went well and what was the way forward in our learning. 

Teaching our students, the importance of reflecting to better understand themselves as learners, acknowledge their learning and identify the next steps is extremely important. Reflection questions allow students to think about their thinking and make connections to the world around them and past learning. This kind of questioning allows students to better understand how they are working or learning so they can make changes and adjustments for themselves moving forward. When students view their peer’s comments it adds depth to their understanding as everybody perception is different and unique. Student reflections highlights the skill they are good at and helps teachers understand the skill they need to work on. This in turn helps teachers to personalize learning. 

Here are some end of the unit student reflections after viewing the video posted to Seesaw: 

‘My favourite engagement was making the water cycle bracelet because it was fun making the beads.’  

‘I liked all engagements. My favourite was moon phases because I’m very interested in space and enjoyed making different phases of the moon.’ 

‘My favourite engagement was building the tent house. Why? Because I like to build places where I can play.’ 

‘My favourite engagement was the tent one because it was fun.’ 

‘My favourite task was to make my own toy because it was my first time that I did not go to the market and bought one and made one myself.’ 

‘I like the nature. It was fun to go outside and find something. I like to make moon cycle by eating cookies. It was fun to eat and learn moon shapes easily.’ 

‘My favourite engagement was building a tent.‼ because it was enormous, and I had a lot of fun!’ 

‘My favourite engagement was my box house because I can put my dolls inside.’ 

‘My favourite engagement is to draw a flower because I like to draw and it is beautiful.’ 

‘I like making my huggee robot because it hugs when we have a bad feeling.’ 

‘My favourite engagement was nature art because we got to collect leaves, flowers instead of paint. I like that because it was nature related. My second favourite was cardboard box, because got to make games and toys.’ 

‘My favourite activity was to make ladybug because it’s only a simple coconut that we found outside. I could make a beautiful ladybug and I had fun making it.’ 

Many thanks to our parents for the wonderful home-school partnership. Our learning journey for this unit was enriching. Without your support this would have not been possible. We appreciate all our P1 learners for their enthusiasm, participation and valuable contributions.  

Thank you for reading the blog. 

Video link –     This link can only be accessed via an MISP account. Please use your child’s mail ID to access it and watch it with them.  

P1 Team