Dis-moi dix mots

Dis-moi dix mots

“Dis-moi dix mots” is an annual competition organized by the the Alliance Francaise  de Pune to celebrate French Language and Francophonie week, in association with the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. We were given 10 words in French and we had to draw an image and write a small caption about it, both complementing each other. This year all the words were based on the theme of spoken language or orality.

At first my mind was blank, but later what came to thought was the idea of women empowerment since the previous day had been women’s day. In the world today feminism is associated with people assuming it means putting women’s rights in front of men, but what it really means is women trying to fight for their own rights and promote equality between both the genders. My caption revolved around the aforementioned message with the main theme of the women and their life. The process of writing this was not easy. I had to spend time drawing it out, shading it and essentially making it presentable. I also needed to be able to understand how to say all of this in French with correct grammar as well as correct interpretations of the words provided. It was definitely a learning experience for me since there were so many new things that I came across.

Shreya Joshi.


 “Dis-moi Dix mots” was a thrilling competition and experience. The idea of having a competition where you depict a word through a drawing is unique and interesting and it lets you use your imagination.

I wanted to do the word ‘Griot’ which means African wandering poets, because I have lived in Africa before and so it was easier for me to picture it in my mind. Having the outline of Africa represents the continent, the mask for west Africans, the Kora represents poems and music and the Baobab tree represents the wandering.

I was walking on air when I realized I had won. Immediately I told my parents and they were delighted when they heard the news. I would love to participate in these types of contests because they push you to use your imagination and make you realize what you are capable of. Winning this competition was the best for me and I hope it occurs to many other students in our school and around the world.

Ira Shivadey