Evaluating Our School Lunch

P2 Learners apply their research and understanding of the unit to analyze our School Lunch menu and offer suggestions to enhance our daily meals

Our cafeteria is always brimming with enthusiasm as we ‘line up’ to take a serving of our favourite fruit, main course dish and dessert, too. It is one place where food and agency go hand in hand. However, with great power comes great responsibility!

While inquiring into our unit on Health and Wellbeing, we realized how our choices in the cafeteria affect our overall health. The cafeteria team always plan our meals in advance and display the overview for us near the entrance too. We also make informed decisions about the servings we take, to ensure that we are consuming all food groups and not wasting any food either.

Equipped with our newly acquired knowledge linked to the food groups and our own understanding of what a balanced diet looks like, we were ready to face the challenge of becoming food critics and analysts!

We began our evaluation by looking carefully at our cafeteria team’s weekly menu spread. Skimming and scanning through the food items helped us start building connections and forming conclusions about the food groups being represented.

From grains to proteins, from fruits to vegetables, we listed all the health options available for us each day. This was a great way for us to apply our critical and reflective thinking skills to a topic that combines our unit and daily life choices.

We also took on the role of food critics, offering suggestions to the cafeteria team about the modifications and changes that can be made to the menu. We shared our reasoning for each suggestion, ensuring that we back them with a healthy rationale! Our food item suggestions were strongly connected to our understanding of healthy eating and our personal preferences.

We always enjoy applying our understanding to contexts which are strongly connected to us, and this activity was the perfect way for us to highlight our critical thinking and self-management skills too.

Authored by and Photos by the P2 learning community