A Fun Day Organized by the DP Students for the Children of MBIS Staff

It’s a Sunday morning, and we are at school! Yet the enthusiasm is palpable. Today was a day where we, the DP students of MBIS show our appreciation for the efforts and hard work of our support staff: the cooks who make us delicious lunch, cleaners who make our school clean and hygienic, conductors who keep order during long bus rides, the bus drivers that get us to school on time and back home, and the security guards who are there for our protection. This Community Outreach Program is about spreading a smile on the faces of those that are dearest to these special people: their children. A leadership committee of four DP2 students spent several weeks in planning. They were joined by another four DP1 students for the last two weeks and the rest of us spent the final week in preparation. In this completely student led project, we hosted the young children of the support staff, organized games and played them, overcame challenges, and shared experiences and stories with them. Over the course of the day, we faced many challenges, one of them for example was simply monitoring all the kids. Suffice to say, we learnt a lot through the overcoming of such challenges. If we finished a station early, then we decided group to arrange for small filler activities like chain tag, passing the parcel, football, basketball or other games.

One might think 16 to 18-year-old boys and girls would find it difficult interact with kids almost a decade younger, but that idea stands falsified. Throughout the course of the day, there was a level of comfort between these children and us. This fun day left us with a sense of fulfilment and happiness. As a great ending amidst cheers as we presented each of our little guests with a gift kindly sponsored by the PTA Community Outreach Program. Perhaps the smiles were the best reward for the effort that went into this event. At the end of the day, it was a collective effort that we made to thank the support staff families of our school. Finally, thank you to the PTA for their donations, the student leadership team composed of DP2 Isha, Tanay, Astrid and Advait who worked hard for 6 weeks. They were joined by DP1 Akash, Mayank, Yash and Adwait. All of 35 DP1 and DP2 students who participated and to the staff to whom this day was dedicated. Below you can find a link to a few pictures taken by Vighnesh Hemnani and Jahaan Kapoor.


By Vikram Joshi, Class of 2018 DP1 Student