Global Interactions (Service As Action during Classroom Learning)

MYP 1 students were working on a unit called Global Interactions. In this unit they focused on various global threats and solutions to address these threats. One such threat they addressed is ‘Plastic Wastage’. After much of brainstorming the students thought of recycling bottles to make a seat and donate it to the School Library. A student has narrated her experience in her words.

Sayli Tongaonkar

(Individuals and Societies Teacher)

A brief by Ira Shivadey (MYP 1 B)

The last Individuals and Societies unit was extremely interesting and full of knowledge. Our unit was about the wastage of plastic and other resources and how it affects the earth. We learned many things such as The great pacific garbage patch. It is a gyre of plastic waste that contains about 7 million tons of trash. Most of it created by humans. So we decided to come up with an innovative way to spread awareness and  put out our effort to reduce plastic waste. Everyone in our grade came up with a specific research question about plastic waste. On this research question we created a survey and was sent  to many students and teachers in the school. All the data that was collected helped  answer our research question. This survey helped us understand the importance of reducing and recycling plastic waste and how we can make a difference. An innovative idea we came up with was making seats out of plastic. Over the weeks each of us collected as many plastic bottles as we could and once we gathered everything we wanted,with bit of research and strategy we build sturdy and comfortable seats which were then covered in fabric. These seats were then handed over to library for students or teachers to use. It was  a great idea to spread awareness about recycling plastic, we hope many students and teachers get inspired by this idea to bring a reduced plastic atmosphere to the school. We will still try in every way to make a good difference to our school and our world.

Some more strategies we thought are using cloth bags or paper bags for shoppings. Each of us made it a point to make our parents use cloth or paper bag for shopping. We also decided that we will use recyclable bottles, bottles that could be refilled and used.