I’m the Eagle: I can fly…….

The extended essay is among the largest independent tasks that Diploma Programme (DP) students tackle during their studies. The 4,000-word research paper, often seen by students as among the most daunting DP requirements, is unlike anything else IB students are asked to create. However, it develops critical, organizational and research skills that students will use time and time again at university and their careers. A sense of achievement, demonstrating organizational skills, and getting a head start on university level writing are among the benefits cited in a recent study conducted by University of Virginia (USA).

Introducing the extended essay to our parent community is always exhilarating and Friday 1st March 2019 was the day when DP1 parents were oriented on how they could help scaffold their children’s extended essay back home.

Among the many other exciting things that happen through the year, we will be adding hardcover bound extended essays of our graduating class of 2019 to the secondary library. This section will aid as references for our future DP classes.

Some testimonies of our current DP2 students on completing the extended essay can be found at  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wUmutS_Qe8QNHGuFzMp5rbr8KVLYQjcguiJMbcVdle0/edit?usp=sharing

Shylaja Salwan