“How do we learn across the MYP and the PYP ? “

How do we learn across the MYP and the PYP ?

Model United Nations (MUN) imparts to students a certain confidence among its participants, along with a keen awareness of some of the realities of the outside world. Model UN is a motivational experience. It is interesting and exciting  to pretend being a world leader, solving the world’s most important problems. It activates students’ imagination and creativity – MYP 5 MUN students were given a wonderful opportunity to share with our keen ELA learners in PYP 4 their knowledge of Child Labour, Child soldiers and the effects that this has on society and individuals.  The PYP 4 Unit of Inquiry is Sharing the Planet with a  focus on- Children’s Rights and Responsibilities, Challenges, risk and opportunities, these students were very eager to learn more about this sad and complicated reality from some of the MUN students.

The ELA learners were very eager to meet these MYP students and were armed with all the relevant questions that they had come up with during their ELA brainstorming session. What followed was a lively and positive interactive session, which included aspects of the topic such as: What is MUN? Why did you choose to join MUN? What do you do when you meet for MUN? How do you help children? What is child labour? Who are child soldiers? Why do children go to war? How do you collect funds and spend it?

The MUN students answered all their queries with great enthusiasm and showed a keen interest in their discussion. It was a wonderful morning with lots of learning that came through their communication. It brought out the inquirer in our PYP ELA students and they gained additional new knowledge and confidence by expressing themselves in English. Watching the younger students with their older peers, we could see their self confidence growing in using a language that is not their mother tongue.

This activity has helped the ELA children immensely with their language skills and  was a good example of collaboration between MYP  and the PYP based on their Unit of Inquiry. The MYP also gained from the experience in that they were able to find a way to promote the MUN within PYP and hopefully this will inspire the student when they move to MYP to join this activity.  It also gave the older students a chance to reflect on why they are in MUN and how they can share their learning and experiences with other members of our community.

Ms. Meghna Jain and  Ms. Lila Ravichandran