MYP Math Olympiad Training and PYP Math Club

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On December 10, 2016, forty PYP3-PYP5 students and fifty-59 MYP 1-5 students gave the SOF 10th International Mathematics Olympiad.  Each student gave their best during the rigorous one hour exam.  Results will be expected in early 201, but our students are commended for being risk-takers and taking initiative for taking on this exam.  Many thanks to the parents who volunteered their time to prepare these students through an after school activity.

In the effort to prepare our students for the SOF International Mathematics Olympiad, volunteer parents from across the school have created an after school activity where students come to practice skills, learn new skills, and prepare for the test taking environment.  Students learned new strategies for problem solving, analytical thinking and logical analysis.  They also experience that math can be FUN!

In PYP, during the first semester, PYP 3-5 worked closely with our parent volunteers to help develop their skills and make them familiar with the Math Olympiad format.  The second semester opens the doors to PYP2 as well and the parent volunteers will try to add the element of fun into the club – strategy and logic games, fun projects, and of course, opening doors to new math concepts.

In MYP, we also started off the year with a math club that will not only serve as a way to prepare for the Math Olympiad but also as a place to come and extend their math learning beyond the classroom.  We hope that we will be able to not only satisfy the need of those who love math but also nurture those who need extra support.