We, the PYP 3 students, were recently engaged in a memorable Celebration of Learning. Our adventurous ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments bridged the gap between two units, helping us present the learning of the previous unit, while preparing us for the next one!

We entered the class to realize that our chairs and tables were missing. To add to this, we were asked to independently compile all our learning from the second unit into a booklet, sans any furniture, and within an hour’s time! Although we exchanged puzzled looks, we were determined to finish the task efficiently, before our parents knocked on the classroom door!

Our busy legs scrambled for a spot on the ledge, and we brought down our worksheets and class displays in a jiffy. The classroom was abuzz with activity and each time someone called out for help, we were ready to share the job. We proudly looked up at the empty display boards, beaming with pride over our team effort.

However, as soon as we looked at the papers scattered across our empty classroom, reality kicked in! We had to organise the papers, we had to organise our booklets, but most importantly, we had to organise ourselves!

Problem solving gears set to motion, we brainstormed on the go. It was organised chaos indeed!

Finally, we assigned tasks to each other, experienced a few debacles, and our attempts bore fruit. We had independently problem solved, learned from our mistakes, sequenced our learning activities, and prepared the booklet, well in advance for our much anticipated Celebration of Learning.

The class was neatly organised with individual stations, so that each one of us could share our learning journey with our parents. When our enthusiastic parents peeped into the classrooms, we were ready to take them on a quick learning tour.

Our parents patiently listened to our experiences, and looked through each section of our booklet enthusiastically. When we saw the smiles on their faces, we knew we had done a good job!

Our adventure made us realise how we had shared responsibilities and organised ourselves for the new unit.

Can you guess what our new unit of inquiry is all about?

PYP3 team