P4 – Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

“Health is a state of complete mental, social and physical well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organization, 1948

Following on from the last two weeks instalments to learn more about the importance of a healthy lifestyle the P4 looked at first inwards and then globally.

As a learner centric engagement, the learners were asked what contributes to a healthy lifestyle and their responses were water, smart eating, sleeping, exercising and practicing mindfulness. To make them more aware of their own lifestyle choices, they were asked to track their consumption of healthy food and water as well as their sleep, exercise, and mindfulness.

They tabulated the data in a tally chart and then organized it into a graph. Their next step was to take action by making new lifestyle choices.

Here are some of their goals:

‘Exercise more and eat healthier by adding more protein and plant-based food.’ Ben

‘Make sure my diet is more balanced and increase the endurance of my exercise.’ Chloe

‘Drink enough water and get a good number of hours of sleep’. Hanseo

‘Sleep early and practice mindfulness daily’ Jia

‘Eat healthier and exercise more often’ Kibeom

‘Drink enough water daily!’ Norah

‘Exercise an hour a day’ Shreash

‘Eat a balanced diet and practice fitness’ Zoya

After linking this action to the UNSDG goal # 3, the learners knew they has to raise awareness to the importance of these healthy choices.


Some learners decided to broaden their action and advocate for healthy lifestyle choices. They did this by writing news articles explaining the importance of each healthy lifestyle choice to the MIS community.

Here are excerpts of their articles:

‘When we sleep our memory is better and we are able to focus, so try and sleep!’Eunchae

‘Have you ever thought of staying up all night? Do not because sleeping is important. Two days ago, I stayed in bed and couldn’t sleep early so I slept late. The next day, I couldn’t focus on my work and I had a headache.’ Ohnyoo

‘Water is important in my life. Water can help you to stay healthy. In one day, we should drink 8~9 cups. Water helps our body, and all the systems work ‘Gaon

‘We should make healthy food choices all the time and every day. One complete meal of our day should be healthy and should include all of the nutrients we need per day. For example, we should have fruits & vegetables, carbs, protein, dairy and a little sweet every single day.’ Rhea

As P4 we have learned and wished to share our learning with our MIS family, stay healthy!

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Definition of Learning MIS 2018 adopted from Ambrose 2010

Anne Bechara