PHSE in the Secondary School

privilege-walkIn PHSE, all this month, we have been talking about Privilege and Oppression in MYP 3, 4 and 5. As a starting activity we did a privilege walk where students had to take a step forward if they did have a certain privilege and one step backward if they had been disadvantaged by anything like their color, class, gender, SES, citizenship or disability. privilege-points

The students then quantified their privilege and had to design questions to interview anyone who was different from them but outside the school. Most classes responded well to the activity and were able to identify and talk about all the privileges they have had in their lives. Through this month we want students to understand the relationship between privilege and power and to use their privileges to fight back against oppression of marginalised groups.

Of course, the US elections became a part of every conversation in the MYP and DP and was also linked to privilege and power conversations. The counseling department strives to make conversations of power, privilege and oppression to help the students acknowledge their power, achieve insight and become empathetic global citizens.

Barkha Bajaj

PHSE Teacher MYP 3,4 and 5