PYP 3 On the Move

The new year started off on a great note for the students of PYP 3, as they set off on a field trip on the very first day of school! PYP 3 students visited ‘Urbounce Fitness Centre’ linked t on account of their inquiry into the unit ‘How We Organize Ourselves’. This field trip served as an appropriate precursor for their summative assessment, that involves organizing a Sports Day for the students of PS 1. This field trip offered the students a chance to observe how planning and implementation involves careful coordination of ideas and actions, which helps make an organization a successful one!


Brimming with energy, this fitness centre is a haven for fitness enthusiasts. Ritu Sanghvi and the entire team were very helpful and offered the class a fun filled learning experience.

As soon as the students entered  Urbounce, they were fascinated with the treadmills,weights and the various fitness activities being carried out. Each class took turns in going on a tour around the centre, observing how this organisation functions as a whole. They observed the workings of the different departments and recognised the interconnectedness between various roles. They identified how it was essential for each and every employee to be organized and committed so that they could all help the workplace function smoothly.

The students were then engaged in some brief activities involving running, jumping, overcoming obstacles, and flexing muscles to complete a task as a team. The activities were very well managed by the trainers, and it was great to see the children take quick mental notes on how they could plan and carry out a simple sports activity for the younger students too.

The students returned from the field trip filled with creative ideas and worked enthusiastically with their peers to plan and organise a fun filled activity for the PS1 students. Indeed, a great learning experience for our students!  Next week we will share with you how the sports morning went !