What is happening in Primary French? 

Students of French Language Acquisition (FLA) worked on Change as one of the Key Concepts for their Unit 2. They explored the idea of change and its impact on them as well as around them. I 

It is clear that some of our students are acutely conscious of our environment and the harm that development could sometimes have on Nature. Here is a wonderful transdisciplinary link showing their sensitivity to the concept of change and their holistic learning. 

P4 were also introduced to shapes, and it is interesting to see some of the brilliant connections they made to objects they liked and were familiar with demonstrating a fluid movement from the known to the unknown. They connected books and croissants to the shapes they were learning about. 

We inquired into how they exhibited certain Learner Profile attributes in the class as a matter of routine. Some students were able to identify how they evidenced these attributes explicitly as well as implicitly.  

Students actively and explicitly use ATL skills such as Communication skills, as they use spoken and written French to express themselves in class. The P5 FLA students clearly state what their favourite part of the stories are as they are read out to them. They listen carefully, illustrate their understanding and support their drawing with correct application of the French language. Students also evidence their Thinking and Metacognition skills as they process the information, understand and apply what they have read to illustrate them clearly.  

Students have shown an eagerness to learn and extend their learning by using connectors in their sentences as can be seen in some of their work. 

In the week of 21st March our students enthusiastically participated in the Journee Internationale de la Francophonie. They recorded themselves speaking in French and even did a role play on camera.  

Overall, our FLA students are keen learners, eager to know more about the French language and its connections to culture.  

Lila Ravichandran 

French Teacher