Reading, Reading, Reading

This past weekend the three Teacher Librarians attended Neev Children’s Literature Festival in Bangalore. We attended workshops on Inquiry through the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and Empathy through Literature. The Inquiry workshop provided us with ideas of how to support Inquiry Units related to the SDGs. Many resources, tools and unit ideas were shared and discussed. We look forward to further enhancing our work in this area at MIS. Empathy has become a prominent topic in world news, and it is stated that empathy and emotional intelligence will be the most highly sought-after skills by employers in the future. Research demonstrates that reading literature strengthens and develops one’s sense of empathy. Through literature we can walk in the shoes of characters from different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, and possessing different abilities. 

The highlight of the Festival is the announcement of the book awards. As stated on their website “The Neev Book Award for distinguished children’s literature aims to recognize outstanding writing that leads to a fuller understanding of India, Indian lives, and Indian stories” (Neev Academy). It was a joy to see students and adults celebrating children’s literature and we are happy to feature these award winners in our library collections. 

 Picture Book , Emergent Reader, Junior Fiction Young Adult

We had the opportunity to meet Authors and Storytellers from India and make connections for future visits at MIS and our Book Week celebration.

“Let’s Imagine”, MIS is getting ready with this theme to dive into books and reading.  We are looking forward to our book week program from 14-18th October 2019.  A highlight of this week is storytelling from our parents in their mother tongue languages, please join us with your favorite story, a sign-up form will be forthcoming via email. [HS1]  Other highlights of our Book Week will be author visits, book fairs, students presenting original writing, and the book character parade.

We are continually enriching our World Languages collections, in order to ensure that our collection reflects the diversity of our school community. Please consider donating your gently used books.

Join us in the activities and browse our book fairs. Book Week is not complete without your participation.

See you there!

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