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Vision & Mission

We seek to create an empowered, innovative and agile community of learners who achieve and contribute positively within and beyond the school. Our Purpose is to inspire learning, foster responsibility and celebrate diversity.


In working to achieve the objectives set out in our Vision and Mission, we seek to enrich our community of learners with highly talented, motivated and passionate students while providing increased access to world-class educational opportunities. The scholarship program recruits principled individuals who can contribute with academic strength, critical thinking and strong leadership skills. Students earning partial or full scholarships to study at Mahindra International School enhance our learning community and help us achieve our Vision.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates are motivated, talented and successful in their current schools and exhibit academic excellence, strong thinking skills and satisfactory ability in written and spoken English. They have the attitudes necessary to face the challenges posed by our curriculum and learning environment and are highly involved in their schools and communities.


Mahindra International School seeks to enhance its learning community by attracting talented students and providing access to world-class education without financial barriers. The School benefits from the contributions of our scholarship recipients because of their unique and varied perspectives, the leadership they exhibit and their academic potential. The scholarship programme is also a way for the schol to give back to its community.

Benefits for the Recipients

The scholarship recipients receive a unique opportunity in a world-class educational experience. Key aspects of the learning experience are the opportunity to

  • Become an active, engaged and empowered learner
  • Obtain a world-class education through the broad and balanced IB curriculum which provides a solid base across a range of subject areas, utilizing a variety of assessment methods.
  • Experience a teaching philosophy aimed at developing a student as a whole.
  • Prepare higher education through rigorous learning and an inquiry-based approach.
  • Earn a qualification that is widely respected by universities and often leads to acceptance to competitive universities, offers of financial assistance and advanced college placement.
  • Engage in community service which fosters a sense of responsibility and involvement in the community.
  • Gain first-hand experience of being part of an international community and create bonds with students from around the world.


The Scholarship Programme is available to students of any nationality residing in Pune who are eligible for enrollment in grade 11.

Potential for success in the IB Programme will be assessed. This includes a commitment to studying a broad range of subjects and enthusiastic involvement in the Creativity, Activity and Service Programme. Ideal candidates should have the potential for earning full or partial scholarships at university.

Offers of scholarships will be made on the basis of past academic results, entrance examinations and a formal interview. The potential for special contributions back to the Mahindra International School community and English Language proficiency are also essential. Partial or full awards are made based on the merit of the candidates. The decision of the selection committee in regard to the offer of scholarship and the level of financial assistance will be final and binding.

The Award

Mahindra International School will support up to a total of 2 full scholarships. Students may enter the scholarship program from DP 1 (Grade 11) as suits their educational qualifications and needs.

The fee structure is designed to allow highly talented students to participate and will be equivalent to what they are paying at their current school. Scholarships awarded are non-transferable and all monies received in payment thereof are non-refundable.

The school reserves the right to cancel a scholarship offer at any time for reasons of serious misconduct or not adhering to the expected minimum level of academic performance.

Requirements of Recipients

It is required that award recipients contribute both academically and socially in ways which fulfill the purpose of the scholarship programme. While it is understood that students take time to adjust to new educational contexts, it is expected that award recipients will be among the top performers in our school and have consistently high grades and exemplary behavior.

Recipients who fail to maintain passing grades or to satisfy the requirements of the activities programmes (CAS and Service as Action) will have their award status reviewed and will be at risk of losing the award entirely. Serious behavior infractions are also grounds for revoking the scholarship award.


The Scholarship Programme is designed to incur few direct costs. The enrolment trends in the DP grades are such that space is available for additional students in each year of the programme. Awards should be given in a way that does not impact staffing significantly. For example, the school should not have to appoint additional faculty to accommodate the subject selections of scholarship recipients.

Direct costs to the school consist of registration, Calculator, Field Trip and exam fees in MYP 5 and DP2 in particular. Approximate total costs are 1.15 Lakh INR in the MYP 5 year and 1.00 Lakh INR in the DP 2 year.

Depending on the financial situation of the recipient, there may be a need for a full-scholarship awardee to receive additional support to fully participate in our programmes. This could include the cost of a laptop computer, costs associated with sports trips or other participation costs.

Selection Process

The selection process will involve the following components:

  • Application form
  • Tax returns for the financial year 2021-22
  • Scholarship Exams
  • Panel Discussion
  • Confidential Recommendation – when possible

After completing all components, the Scholarship Committee (Director, Admissions Officer, Secondary Principal, DP Coordinator, Business Manager + 2 nominees) will review the applicants and select recipients. The decision of the Scholarship Committee will be final.

How to apply?

Please email Vidya Nair to indicate that you are a scholarship candidate and click below to access and complete the application form

Selected candidates will be contacted to schedule their scholarship exams and panel interviews.