WORLD READ ALOUD DAY – 1st February 2018

World Read Aloud Day calls global attention to the importance of reading aloud, sharing stories, and the idea of literacy as a human right by bringing communities together across the world to read aloud and change the world. Our school participated in this event and students experienced the joy of reading.

What am I reading’ the homeroom teachers along with students decided on  which book they will read on this day and made a poster of this activity. The role model was our Director Ms Eileen Neidermann who created a poster of what she is reading.  Plays, poems, stories were read aloud/together in the classes. The enthusiasm can be seen in teachers too. Story building was the most fun activity done in MYP 3 class and enjoyed by all students.

MYP 5 A students read poems in different languages Korean, German, English, Spanish, French, Bengali, and Hindi.

‘How reading empowers you? this question was posted on the display board for students to comment.  Later on the words were collated to make a Wordle where you can see that the word “KNOWLEDGE” has picked as a highlight for reading empowerment.

The reading activities are taken by the school libraries to inculcate reading habits and make students empower through reading.

Sunita Malekar

Secondary Media Centre