21st Century Learning Workshop for PYP Parents

On Thursday 24th November, our Tech Integrators, Ms Fanny and Mr Arif, conducted a PYP Parent Workshop on 21st Century Learning at MBIS.

The session was informative but mostly “hands-on”,  so that the parents could experience what their child(ren) are doing in their classroom with technology.

We reinforced  the rationale for our technology is integration, all about  good pedagogy, than just the “use of the tool” and demonstrated this through a video about the 4Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Parents engaged in learning activities in small groups to play with our favorite edtech tools:

  • Student’s Voice and Choice in Google Classroom using Chromebooks
  • Visible and Tangible Learning with Beebot, Bluebot and Osmo using iPads

Parents were excited and had fun playing, tinkering and learning!