MBIS welcomes Ms Leela Broome – Visiting Author

Ms. Leela Gour Broome came to our class on April 18th to talk about her three books. She spoke about her love for writing and how it was inspired by

the coffee estate that she lived in for many years.

Ms. Leela’s inspiration is Nature and that is why all her books are about the environment. She has written three books over the course of her Career as a writer: The Red Kite Adventure, The Flute in the Forest and The Anaishola Chronicle. All of them have two things in common:

  • Both are Mystery Fiction and
  • All of are based on her inspiration: Mother Nature.

Her latest book-The Anaishola Chronicle, is set in the South Indian Tea Estates which is located in the high wavy mountains. The mountains are called that way because in the 1800s, a British soldier looked at them and thought that they looked like beautiful waves in the sky. The book talks about the journey of the main characters: Myna and Jehan who start a journey of adventure. Ms. Leela also took us on a ‘picture journey’ to the tea estates which were pictures from the actual site. They looked very beautiful and really helped us make a deep connection to what she was discussing. It was almost like we were there in the cold among the tea bushes and elephants. The class was really looking forward to reading the book itself. We wish we had more time to speak with Ms. Leela but we had to leave for our next class. I thought the session was amazing! I have bought the book and am waiting to read it! Ms. Leela even wrote messages and signed the books for those who bought them. If you wish to read this book, you can check it out from both our libraries here at MBIS.

 article by Vrinda PYP 5