An Inquiry into: Skill Development and Employment – P5 Exhibition

Hi, I am Naisha. I study in PYP 5. I am an 11 year old girl who loves playing golf and am really good at it. I also play the Piano.

Why did I select my inquiry?

My inquiry is about the issue of unemployment in India and how skill development and training can help people be employed and earn a living. I chose this issue because my family works with several organizations in India, helping train people in different skills, enabling them to lead a better life.

My central idea was: Skill building can lead to opportunities for employment.

My lines of Inquiry were:

Reasons for employment.

Vocation skill development leads to better employment opportunities.

            Action to promote youth employment, education and training.

My transdisciplinary theme was:  How we organize ourselves: An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment.

Less employment opportunities can impact India’s economic growth – India has many uneducated people, these people require skills for a better living. When they don’t have a job they won’t be able to earn money and that can make an impact on the economy.

My focus learner profile attributes were Knowledgeable: I have become knowledgeable about the issue of unemployment in India and the action that has been taken for skill development. Inquirer: I have developed the curiosity for this issue and done some research to find out more. I have also conducted an interview with an expert, spent some  time at an organization to see how they develop unemployed people’s skills

My issue connects to the UN SDG8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth         

My approaches to learning were Research Skills

  • Reliability of Sources- I used good sources that I trust I checked if it was safe to use from the methods that Ms. Devaki taught us.
  • Creating – I used different platforms to present my learning like making a website and creating a ppt presentation.

My links to the school Mission and Vision were Promote Learning –  I think it is connected to promote learning, because these people need learning and at this school we encourage and promote education and learning and that is what the unemployed and uneducated people need.

Main Conceptual understandings, during my research I found out

Why is unemployment in India so high?

  • No access to opportunities – born into poor families
  • No basic skill development, training by parents, caregivers
  • No access to education
  • They are fighting for basic needs – food & drinking water, clothes and shelter, health and hygiene


  1. To communicate properly – talk, listen, analyse, think, remember (memory)
  2. Behave nicely, have proper manners, being clean – no spitting, no hitting others, not using bad words, no bad habits
  3. Being thoughtful, showing empathy, self-control, self-disciplined, taking responsibility
  4. Ability to use hands to do things – make and create things: Carpenter, Blacksmith, Glass maker, Pottery etc
  5. Ability to read and write – this comes from education

When a person has skills…

  • they are able to get a job, earn money and they have a basic understanding of the world
  • they are able to get higher education and understand things better.
  • they have more access to more things like basic needs, education and etc…

What can we do to help…

According to Darpan website of the Government of India, there are more than 30,900 organizations that provide skill development training to people.

My primary sources  I conducted interviews to gather primary information. I interviewed staff from an organization call Lighthouse and Ms. Gayatri Kaul from DASRA.

My secondary sources would have been all the websites & videos that I had seen, and out into my research.

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry

Website link to added here

Google slides link here

Inquiry that leads to action!

My personal action will be

I have created a website to spread awareness about Unemployment in India.

I will be creating a video on spreading awareness about the issue of Unemployment and what you can do to help.

In the future I will be spending some more time at the Lighthouse and help some people using the knowledge that I have.

My Exhibition reflection

I was lagging behind in my exhibition about a month ago. I thought that I would not succeed and do my presentation well. My teachers & parents really helped me and I am very grateful for that. I enjoyed the process of my exhibition because it was a new experience to make a website do so much research and present. I enjoyed making the slides presentation and practicing presenting to family and friends. I didn’t really like the part where we had to fill out sections of the exhibition learner journal like the plan section, notes section and more. I loved how smooth my presentation went. I think that I did a great job. My presentation could not have been this good without my teachers and parents.

References – My references/work cited are available on my website.