Art for a Cause.

Our CAS project is called ‘Art for a cause’. This project involved, my teammates and I, working with local hospitals and clinics to create a work of art, which we will be donating to them. We want to introduce art to organizations where it is not seen that often, or in places that we feel could use it more. We believe that by donating our art, we will be creating an element of creativity and joy in various places. The CAS project gave me the opportunity to improve in the areas I am weak in such as, but not limited to, my collaboration skills, my artistic thought, and my expression.

For initiating this project, we needed to understand research extensively to find the need for this project.

We had to understand the significance of this project. We did this by asking ourselves some basic questions such as; how would we benefit those around us? Would it have an impact?

We, then, had to find out which organisations we could send our paintings to. We each asked at least one organisation if they were willing to take in our paintings. Most of the organisations agreed. At first, the organisations did not inform us of any specific guidelines. We presumed that we could paint anything of our wishes, but we also felt the need to ask for those requirements. I think without them, there was no structure to our work. Moreover, if we painted what we wished then it might have not been appropriate for the situation.

We have not completed the project yet, however, with only 3 weeks of experience I can say with assurance that I have learnt tremendously over this short period. I learnt how to be a collaborator and a better leader. In the project, my leadership position was the deliverer. I must transport all of items to the targeted local hospitals. I need to plan and coordinate the transport for that to happen, I need to make sure that everything was in order. I also need to make sure that the paintings were picked and dropped at the appropriate time and ensure the safety and security of those who are delivering the paintings and those who are receiving it.

Through this, I learnt how to manage myself as well as others. This helps in the future, as leaders, it is important to keep the group on track and to make sure that each member finishes their assigned work on time.

Through our weekly group meetings, we learnt from each other. Critiquing others work gave us a chance to understand what we are doing wrong. It allows us to make improvements to our work and develop ourselves as artists. It makes us better at art and helps concept wise as well.

One of the biggest challenges that we faced during this short time was making sure that the paintings are completed on time. Due to the work that we are given it is hard to make sure that all these aspects are in place. However, this project is also very important. I need to plan how I am going to manage my own time.

I remembered that I faced a similar problem in a CAS experience. I had major struggles in managing my time. I did not want to go to through the same situation again, so I decided to use a similar approach as I did before. Personally, I cannot work without structure. My mind gets muddled and I cannot function. I made multiple timetables, mind maps, and timelines.

Through weekly meetings we realized each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I could improve on my work further and develop my ideas. I, simultaneously, reviewed my own work while conceptualizing.

I think reviewing my own work, helped me realize what techniques I needed to work on. It made me constantly question the significance of the elements in my work and helped me develop the thought behind the artwork.

For this project, I needed to reach outside of my comfort zone. Like all group activities, we faced creative differences between us. Where one person would agree, another would disagree. It was difficult to find common ground between us in the start, however, as time went on it was easier to cope. We embraced the fact that we as individuals have different ideas and those ideas should be respected. Art is our own and it cannot be judged by anyone but ourselves.

Another problem, that I personally faced, was getting the techniques right. There are many different techniques to choose from, but I contemplated which technique aligns with the emotion that I aimed to portray. To solve this issue, I tested out different techniques to see which was the most effective. This helped me to think and develop my piece in a more thought-provoking way.

I think the CAS project brought my teammates and I further together. We understood our ideological differences and embraced them wholeheartedly. Because of the difficulties that we faced; we grew together. And d this project will hold a special place in our hearts.

Nidhi DP 2