Aviation Systems

Welcome to my Exhibition!  I chose my inquiry because I love planes and have a dream of being a pilot.

My central idea is Advancement in technology transforms aviation systems. My lines of inquiry are

1. Evolution of transport systems for long-distance

2. Impact of transport on the environment

3. Sustainable transport systems.

My transdisciplinary theme is Where we are in place and time

Key concepts




Related concepts

Social studies 

Human systems and economic activities  

  • Transportation
  • Communications 

Continuity and change through time   

  • Exploration
  • History
  • Progress 

Resources and the environment 

  • Pollution 
  • Consumption
  • Energy
  • sustainability


Forces and energy

  • Technological advances 
  • Mechanics
  • Power   
  • Efficiency
  • Forms of energy 

Earth and space          

  • Atmosphere
  • Renewable and non-renewable energy sources 
  • Sustainability  

My focused learner profiles attributes are risk taking and reflective skills. I have shown these skills by presenting and writing blob tree reflections throughout the exhibition process. The UN goals that I chose were goal number 9 and goal number 11. It connects to the Mission and Vision of MIS. It connects to the Vision because to make connections out of school and out of state or in-state people like to take planes to get to places that a car would take 8 to 10 hours to reach their destination. It connects to the Mission because to promote learning we have to travel to other countries in order to get schools up to date with the latest technology so that kids can have the best possible education.

During my research, I have learned that there are other alternatives except electric.  There are biofuels and even liquid nitrogen alternatives. The primary sources that I used were my Dad and news articles. My secondary sources were websites that had heard of things and put them in a news article.

We can trace aviation back to the 15th and 16th century because Leonardo da Vinci had drawings of a flying machine. Aviation really started in the 21st century because the Wright brothers built the first plane that could be controlled over a long distance. Here are some of the resources that I have used to spread awareness.

  1. website energy efficient planes
  2. presentation slide 

The action that you should take is planting trees and carbon offsetting which is planting trees and when you go onto your booking website for a plane ticket then you can pay extra and the company will plant trees with that money. 

Here are my sources 

my bib all sources are on this link

Jonathon Brown.