Basket ball winners

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This season, basketball boys won the ISACI tournament. After 4 years of hard practices for many players, the first place trophy was finally brought back to Pune. What impressed me the most in our team, was our solidarity and chemistry. I think I can compare our team to a card castle: one card goes away, and the whole team collapses. We also showed commitment and tenacity in front of difficult events: on the second game, against New Delhi, we were down by 12 points and a third of the game to play. We did not give up and won the game by 2 points. This victory allowed us to directly go to the finals, whatever the result against Bangalore would be, and therefore to make the bench play a lot during this game. They did a fantastic job, even if we lost the game by a small 3-point differential. And after came the finals. After a difficult start, we manage to end the first half with a 2-point lead. We knew that we had to do better than this to win this game. All the team motivated itself and we completely blew up Hyderabad: 28-11 during this period. Our defence was amazing, thanks to the incredible tenacity of the guards on the opponents, and so was our offence. We end the game with a 19-point victory, 50-31. MBIS was champion.

        This victory was a team victory, and was not only created because of offensive skills, but because we played as a group, who liked and trust any player beside him. Congrats guys.


Alexis Genestout (Captain)