Middle School Sports Festival

Last weekend saw MBIS host our second ISACI tournament of this school year. It was double the size of a normal tournament with both boys and girls teams on site. Students from MYP 1,2 and 3 participated in the Middle School sports Festival, an event where all athletes must take part in both soccer and basketball. It is aimed at developing skills in younger students as we prepare them for older teams. This tournament ranks teams first to 5th, but no finals are played. The ISACI league currently comprises of MBIS , The British School Delhi (TBS) International School Hyderabad (ISH) and Stonehill International School (SIS).

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The school was a hive of activity on both Friday and Saturday as athletes competed in one sport on Friday, and the other sport on Saturday.

Last year MBIS was not represented in the girls competition, so it was pleasing to see we were able to enter one team. At the same time, as host school, we entered 2 boys teams, making a total of 9 teams participating throughout.

Our Eagle Blue team, boys,  showed they had improved in all aspects of their basketball skills winning their first 3 matches. In the last boys match of the day the two undefeated teams took to the court. MBIS Blue team narrowly lost to SIS, finishing the basketball part of the tournament in 2nd place. At the same time, MBIS White team struggled to find their first win but showed great grit and determination throughout. On Saturday the girls took to the basketball court and were involved in many close matches. They were able to find their first win in basketball in their final match, which allowed them to secure 3rd place. A great effort.

On the soccer pitch our boys teams came up against physically stronger teams. In a high scoring tournament our Blue team competed in 2 sudden death penalty kick playoffs, only to go down with narrow misses. Our White team, despite scoring in 3 matches struggled to find that elusive win. Our boys teams worked well together and showed great promise for the future, finishing in 4th and 5th in the soccer tournament. Our girls team had a tough morning coming up against taller and stronger teams, but fought back in their last match to secure a win, after penalty kicks, and finish in 3rd place.

Thank you to everyone who assisted throughout the tournament, whether it be housing visiting students or coming and cheering. Your support of the Eagles ISACI programme is greatly appreciated.