Bhai Behen Day 2018

Demonstration of a DP CAS Project

A creative engagement of students in the IB Diploma Programme is an experiential Creativity, Activity, and/or Service learning project. This authentic project-based-learning experience is one that best shows the stages of investigation, collaboration, preparation, action and demonstration.

Bhai-Bhen Day 2018

By DP2 Students Ritika Vedpathak, Eesha Potdar, and Mara Rodriguez

Every year, Mercedes-Benz International School organises a fun event for the children of the support staff. This is a way to show appreciation to the staff and their hard work. For this, DP1 and DP2 students spend the day with the support staff children and play many fun activities. The 2018 MCOP that took place on the 26th February and  was overall successful, thanks to the collaboration of many students, teachers and other staff member, that helped out with the planning and organisation of the event. In addition, we would like to thank the PTA for sponsoring the food which was provided for us as well as the kids on the day.

Before the event took place, it was our responsibility to get the permission needed to carry out this event. We got a list of the kids that could attend and proceeded to group MBIS students and make arrangement of the food and equipment based on the number we had.

On the day of the event, we organized different activities for the kids to do. We brought out facilities such as the projector for a movie, set up chairs in the basketball court, got out some PE equipment such as balls for the kids to play with. Furthermore, we requested for the sound systems to be set up so we play music throughout the day. Some activities included musical chairs, hide and seek, dancing, etc.

This event was a great opportunity for the MBIS students to bond with the support staff’s children and vice versa. We provided guidance to both parties and we were all able to learn from each other and enjoyed spending time with each other. We wanted to give back to our school community since the support staff work hard each day for us to have a good day at school.