Self Worth

Our unit was taken by Ms. Isabel, on a module called “Self Worth”. We focused deeper into appearance ideals and watched a movie called “Wonder”.

This movie really made us think about what is really happening when our appearance ideals are not matched. For example, on the first day of school you are always worried about making friends and if you are different like Auggie it is even harder, Auggie had an unusual face that is why it was complicated. It taught us about bullying and about appearance ideals and how people think others should look like. We have all understood what to do in a situation like this and how others think after you say something or take an action upon them.

In our unit we also followed a workshop from “Dove”, and one of the exercises we did was getting a piece of paper and writing down all of the trends/ideals that people nowadays are in a way forcing you to match. We are being pressured by our communities and social media such as instagram. We shared our ideas with the class and we discussed how this is wrong and people should judge less and everyone is unique and has different tastes, for example 1 person’s meaning of “perfection” is different for other person’s meaning of perfection.

We also watched a small video from “Dove” telling us about how the trends and body images have changed over time, we also had a talk about what could be the new trend that happens in 10 years from now, and how old trends always come back overtime and we guessed what the appearance ideals will be like in the future, it may be different or the same, we don’t know.

Another talk that we had in the class was about “Can we match our appearance ideals?” most of us answered “no” and one of the reasons were because once we get to our appearance ideal it will change or not be what expected.

Written by: Emma D’Andria & Grace Olivia Robinson