CAS Project – Aryan

As my CAS Project, I lead the student council as an officeholder- the leader of the Campaign
Committee for the academic year 2021 to 2022. Previously, the student council worked
primarily to promote inclusivity and school spirit by hosting social events within the school
community. The introduction of the “Campaign” committee set a completely new target– to
broaden our outreach by contributing positively and meaningfully to the local and global
community. Hence, under my leadership, we set a goal of spreading awareness regarding
a large spectrum of global events, ranging from human history to pressing social
causes/events recognised by the world today. I attribute our success to an open-minded,
collaborative approach that enabled us to maximise our creativity as a team.

Although I consider our efforts to be a cumulative success, there were several obstacles and
challenges along the way that fostered growth, both on an individual basis, and as a group.
One of the most prominent challenges was dealing with restrictions imposed upon us by the
pandemic. Despite limited physical access, we identified social media as a powerful tool that
we could use to communicate with our audience. Hence, my team changed our focus to
imprinting a digital footprint through social media. In collaboration, we worked on
infographics, posters, animations, videos and podcasts to ensure our campaigns were easily
accessible. The onset of COVID-19 defined a new normal and enabled me to perceive the
importance of adaptability and adjusting to changing circumstances.

As a leader, it was essential for me to create a sense of harmony within the committee, so I
learnt to be approachable and open minded. I often conducted icebreakers and team
building exercises to create a fun and engaging working environment. These activities also
gave me an idea of our skillset as individuals and as a team– the diversity amongst our
ideas and perspectives led to unique and creative approaches to organisation and problem
solving. The importance of a warm and inclusive environment was paramount to a good
result so combining our ideas and thought processes. As Aristotle once said, “The whole is
greater than the sum of its parts”, hence with each campaign we not only celebrated our
victories together but also utilised those experiences as learning and reflection opportunities
to improve for the next event.

By the end of 2021, we have targeted World Education, Remembrance, Breast Cancer
Awareness, Racial Awareness and the recent Russo-Ukrainian War. Despite being in a
virtual setting for the first half of my tenure due to the pandemic, my team and I successfully
raised roughly INR 230,000 through our campaigns, fundraisers and events. These funds
have been distributed to the I-Share Cancer Foundation and the Ukrainian Red Cross to fulfil
our mission of giving back and contributing in a positive light