CAS Project – Tia

My CAS project for the Diploma program was partaking in the Student Council of 2021-2022 as the committee president. Eventually, we managed to make the transition from online teams meetings to face-to-face meetings, this was a huge relief. During the academic year which I was the president for, we managed to make exceptional progress when it came to campaigning. Tackling real-world issues both present globally and personally to the student body. During my presidency, the StuCo achieved an abundance in terms of giving back to the community. 

Bringing awareness to the student body in my presidency, I developed my attributes of being open-minded and caring as seen in the campaigns. Here I lead the initiation, planning and execution of fundraisers for cancer awareness week, for a cared member of our community who had breast cancer. Hence, we raised money for I-Share foundation of ₹221,850. During the Ukraine civil War, we fundraised ₹133,000 for the Red Cross organization by creating a buyout game where students would opt to buyout of their classes and watch and participate in volleyball matches. Following this we worked on pride awareness, through our school’s first pride carnival, raising ₹23,710 in money for the transgender community, Humsafar Trust. Working on peace awareness, we also raised money through our Remembrance Day campaign and created a documentary to donate to Aaghaz-e-dosti foundation. Communication was also honed by creating a social media platform presence for the student council’s events, these events included a way to bring the school community together by celebrating Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween & Indian Republic Day.

The amount of collaboration that was involved was inexplicable. The student body, led by the voices of our council and further by the officeholders and president managed to put on any event we had planned and turn each into a success. This would not have been possible without the support of the teacher supervisor Mr. Clinton, my valuable Vice president Yunhui and the perseverance and hard work of each member of the council. Further the collaboration with each committee’s officeholder and other members of the community such as Mr Patrick, Miss Jodi, Sports department teachers, Mr Gerald and our esteemed supreme staff.

Overall, each event functioned on the distribution of work between committees and then the final check-through by Vice President Yunhui, Mr Clinton and I. Some more socially inclined events include the Secret Santa event, Teacher appreciation day, Spirit days and Elections. These were all made a success through the student council relaying messages to their classes and gaining the student body’s support behind the activities we had planned. Overall, I feel incredibly proud of the entire year that passed by with me in leadership, I can’t express the credit I would give to each person I interacted with to help make each attribute a success. Through sustained participation, it can be visible that the CAS project of leading the Student Council as President in 2021-2022 was extremely successful.