Sanctuary: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health.

Our initiative is called sanctuary, which is defined as refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution, or other danger. We utilize this in a mental health context. We aim to shatter the stigma that pervades the topic of mental health. Instability regarding emotions should be normalized. We strive to combat the negative attitudes and dispel the lingering social stigma around mental health problems. The fear of judgment, discrimination or isolation is a sentiment that discourages individuals from seeking appropriate support. We need to be heard and inaction must transport into innovation. At Sanctuary, we strive to use various forms of media to help further our message of normalizing mental health issues. Our website showcases various original pieces of writing from our writers all about their perspectives and experiences on/with mental health. Our Instagram is a more visually based medium, where we make use of infographics to discuss persisting mental health issues, and look at emotional health to socio-political, cultural and gender lenses.

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