CAS Project Web Development

Looking for ways to improve the MYP experience for new students I decided, with the help of other students (Joon and Ayush), to create a website that summarizes all the requirements of the MYP5 e-assessments.  This was shown to be quite a challenge as we experienced different processes under all CAS Stages.

The first thing we did as a team was to investigate what is required through this web development process. Together we discussed the purpose and goal of the site. We did this by reflecting on what type of product would have been helpful to us when we were in MYP5 as well as talking to the MYP coordinator. Something we had not considered that the coordinator highlighted was the extensive change in e-assessment coursework that had been present since we last took these assessments. This introduced the main challenge of the project as we were now constructing a website about a topic that we were quite unfamiliar with. This became our main area of research through our preparation.

Apart from research, a lot of other aspects of preparation were required to successfully create the website. One of the first things we did was to join the coding CCA when we were in DP1, making sure we understood the basis behind making a website that is composed of HTML and CSS. We also made sure that we established the different aspects that we needed to work on, creating goals and internal deadlines to follow. We also divided ourselves into different roles and worked on different tasks that allowed us to work more efficiently.

Yet, by far the longest aspect of the project was the action and working part. It was really difficult to arrange time to work and develop the website together, as we were working through virtual school, and we were spread out around the world. We overcame this through the development of different organizational skills which allowed us to know what each one of us needed to work on individually, so that when we could finally arrange a meeting, we could discuss our shared progress. Through this stage, we got to implement all the learning and research we conducted before through the coding present and information shown on the site.

In the final stage of the demonstration, we got to test our website’s functionality, and usability. After constantly testing our site, we constantly found flaws, allowing us to make necessary adjustments and revisions. Currently we’re making final changes on our website to get it approved by our supervisor and hopefully publish it and make it available for the next batch of MYP 5 students.

Overall, the IB CAS project provided me with a helpful framework for planning, executing, and evaluating a website development project. By following these stages, I developed lifelong skills that will be useful in other aspects of life, such as collaboration, leadership, planning, perseverance, and more.