Three Significant Figures

For the DP-2 CAS project, my peers and I made a music group called ‘Three Significant Figures’ where we work collaboratively to produce pieces of music and sharing it online. Our main motivation for this project was our passion for music; which we could not pursue in our lives due to various reasons. Through this project, we desired to continue our connection with music and relieve stress by focusing on the music and forget about academics at least when we were participating in the project.

To start off, we gave ourselves designated jobs; I was responsible for the instrumental while the other two were responsible for the singing and audio mastering. We started in Jan/2019 and we have recorded 4 songs until now, where two of them were posted on social media.

Looking back, I think that our CAS project group helped not only to pursue our passion but also to grow up as a person. Taking part in the group, we learned that every decision we make is followed by some kind of consequence. For instance, one day I was not able to produce the instrumental for the session and as a result our group was not able to record anything so we ended up sitting in the room planning for next songs we could do in the future. In addition, I also learned the importance of working collaboratively. To be honest, 1 hour per session is a short time to record a piece of music so working together was crucial to finish on time. However, as time passed, we agreed to produce one piece of music in a time period of 2 weeks.

Finally, I think taking part in the project was a special opportunity for me to grow as a person and have a stronger bond with my peers. Although we went through thick and thin, there haven’t been a situation where I regretted taking part in the project.

Yong Joon Lee