Celebrating 100 Days Of Pre School

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Preschool 3 had been counting the days of school from August 2017 in anticipation of the one hundredth day .

They have been counting and putting away an ice cream stick each day at calendar time into the  ‘Ones’ bag. When the count of ice-cream sticks went up to 10 they were bundled together and moved into the ‘Tens’ bag. This helped the children understand the concept of tens and ones and also had us starting to count in ‘Tens.’

The children shared their ideas on how they would like to celebrate the special day. When we got to 10×10 bundles our 100 days!  These were the activities they planned:

  • Baking 100 cookies and icing them with numbers 1 to 100.
  • Dressing up – imagining how they would look when they turn 100 years old.
  • Constructing a 100 paper cup structure.
  • Creating 100 shades of colour.
  • Planting 100 seeds.
  • Making 100 mud balls.

They exhibited the attitudes of being Enthusiastic, Cooperative, Creative and Tolerant. They were Thinkers, Open-Minded, Caring, Principled and Risk-Takers when participating in the different learning engagements. The children shared materials and ideas with each other, as well as, showing appreciation for each other’s work. They took risks when; creating different shades in the art activity, dressing up  and constructing a 100 strong cup structure.

PS 3 Team