Celebrating the Mid Autumn festival in PS3

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Mrs. Katzenstein, a parent,  from Preschool 3 was invited to class to share a Chinese celebration called ‘Mid – Autumn Moon Festival.’ This festival is celebrated to thank the Moon for watching over all the people.


Mrs Mia showed the children a video clip which told the story of this  festival. The children were good listeners and she explained the  story to the children.Ms Mia  then showed the children a ‘mooncake’ which is eaten on this day.The Preschool 3 children were curious and asked why it was called a moon cake. The learners were open minded and risk takers when they tried the custard buns that Ms Mia brought for the children to share.

After this she introduced the word ‘moon’ in Chinese and showed them how it looked when it was first written many many years ago and how it has changed over the years in Chinese calligraphy. Mrs Mia gave the children a very special  piece of chinese paper, which was very old, for each of them to write ‘moon’ in chinese. The children were fascinated by the colour of the paper which looked light brown.  She also showed them how numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are written in Chinese. Ms Mia also explained how the months of the year are written in Chinese, as they follow a moon calendar and the first month would be one moon.

Ms Anjali and Ms Hema.

Preschool 3.