Celebrating the Hour of Code

Last week, MBIS celebrated Computer Science Week / Hour of Code.

Coding & Computer Science allow us to practice the ISTE Standard “Computational Thinking” defined as when “students develop and employ strategies for understanding and solving problems in ways that leverage the power of technological methods to develop and test solutions” (ISTE, 2016).

You can find out more about the Hour of Code event by watching this video.

Mr. Arif Shaikh and Ms. Fanny Passeport, Educational Technology Coaches at MBIS have coordinated the event on Friday December 7th where some of the PYP and MYP students exhibited coding projects using Scratch MIT, Arduino, Dash and Dot robots, Pi top computer

The event was a way for students to showcase their tinkering mindset, display work they created in the ECA/CCA or Design class and push their thinking further to reflect and adjust their prototypes.

Some examples of projects presented in the PYP included game creations on Scratch by PYP2 and PYP5 students. The creators were able to articulate the purpose of their games, and the codes behind them to their audience (peers and teachers). The visitors had a chance to play with the robots by engaging in scaffolded challenges as well as be inspired by their peers who led some of the projects displayed.

The Secondary learners were encouraged to take risks by trying some coding challenges at different stations. Some stations promoted self learning by going to coding sites or experimenting with interactive games; others were exhibiting prototypes such as programming a card swiping system or a traffic light. This was one of the opportunity for our students to develop problem-solving skills, logic and creativity.

Through this experience, our learners had the chance to showcase their agility by tinkering and thinking critically but also to demonstrate their sense of empowerment and innovation when sharing their projects.

Thank you everyone for your contribution!

Ms. Fanny Passeport and Mr. Arif Shaikh