PYP 3 Outdoor Education Trip

The PYP3 students thoroughly enjoyed a memorable camping experience at Camp Durshet. The venue of the campsite is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats amidst scenic beauty. The students thoroughly indulged themselves in a range of adventure and recreational activities such as: zip lining, rappelling, and ladder climbing and fun team building games.

The entire outdoor education experience helped the children and adults forge a stronger community bond and become more independent, reflective and  confident in their approach towards new experiences. We all left the camp site with lots of amazing memories that we will cherish for years to come.

Here are some excerpts from the students reflections:

My Overnight Field Trip to Durshet!!!!!        By Avantika Subodhi

When we reached Durshet we did some thrilling activities and had a delicious lunch. Then we went to our outstanding rooms and got changed and we all just chilled with our roommates. Next we did some more incredible activities and games and then rushed back to our rooms. Later in the evening we ate some tempting dinner and went off for stargazing! I was amazed by the constellation Orion. Afterwards we had an unhealthy and sugary bon fire and next of was our sleeping time. We changed and packed a little up and then went off to sleep! Sweet Dreams! The next morning we woke up early and did bird watching, Rappelling, The burma bridge and…..ZIPLINING!  Those activities were so much fun! But soon it was time to say goodbye to this lovely place. We wonderingly went back to school and hugged our parents as tight as we could and told them all about our outstanding field trip!

My fun Trip to Durshet! By Albaraa

My favorite activities was zip line. I enjoyed swimming and climbing. I liked the food that they cooked, two of my favourite food chicken nuggets and boiled eggs were served.

GETAWAY TO DURSHET  by Sia Nagarkatti

When we reached Durshet we were excited with happiness since we finally reached our destination after waiting for it for so long   Durshet is located near Khopoli which is just on the foothills of Western Ghats. In Durshet we enjoyed many activities such as climbing trees, rope climbing, swimming, rappelling, flying fox and many other adventure activities. The best part of my experience was the Night Trek and Star Gazing!