Celebration of Learning

The students constructed Totem Poles where they identified their beliefs, values and family characteristics. They approached the Summative Assessment in a variety of ways:

  • Armaan drew a detailed poster Totem in earthy shades,
  • Aaryan constructed a Totem of himself only and outlined the different aspects of his character and beliefs,
  • Priyanka produced a 3D Totem incorporating unique details of values and combined animals to show the complexity of her family characteristics.
  • Kanav and George recycled items to build their Totems,
  • Adi designed an IT inspired Totem,
  • Aditya sought his inspiration from the Vedas (Elements) to describe his family.

The rest of the class used combinations of these ideas to show their individual or family beliefs, values and exactly who they are.

In addition to the learning engagements in the homeroom a number of specialist teachers were also collaborating on this unit:

  • A meaningful song was compiled in the Music class, Lyrics
  • Stained glass window pieces were produced as part of their Art
  • Clay sculptures of negative feelings were made with the counsellor,

In the homeroom we included:

  • Narratives in Language where students created stories using their Totem animals and following the elements of story writing.
  • Venn diagrams to show the impact of religion or spiritual traditions on society, and two bar graphs, the first to show the values of students and the second showing the 16 different nationalities in PYP4.