Classroom spotlight – Young script writers are born!

These are trying times…we have been in the online mode for many months now, but that has not dampened our spirits! The IB learner profile holds true for teachers too; we are thinking of ways to keep our students engaged, we are taking risks to try new methods of teaching and we are reflecting on our choices and deciding whether or not to use these methods again! Further, in keeping with our Vision, MIS teachers have proved beyond doubt that that they are agile and innovative.  

The kinds of technology widely available in our classrooms are ideal tools for exploring language production in creative and engaging ways. Recently in Language B, we used a muted short clip where DP students collaboratively scripted an imaginary exchange of dialogues in the form of a comic. It’s a great example of how we can use film and technology to help teach dialogue and inference in language teaching. The students connected it well to the theme ‘Identities’ which they are currently studying in class. They linked it with the sub- theme of “Beliefs and Values”. Not only were the dialogues well-written, but the facial expressions of the cartoon characters also complimented the dialogues. 

We further intend to explore technology to produce a voice over by removing the soundtrack that would reflect their speaking skills. This tool gives students and teachers the opportunity to reflect on the ways in which they can be highly insightful.  

Ms. Rajashree Pande , Hindi B