Climate Change

Climate Change

Hello, I am Adi, a P5 student, and I have done my Exhibition about climate change.

Why did I select my Inquiry?

I selected my inquiry because I am, or rather, was very interested in climate change about a month back (after researching climate change for a month I’m not so interested in it anymore).

My central idea was:  climate change impacts the environment.

My lines of inquiry were:  reasons for climate change, climate change and the environment, and action for positive change.

My transdisciplinary theme was How the world works.

My key concepts were causation, connection, and responsibility, and my related concepts were climate, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, pollution and conservation.

I showed the learner profiles inquirer and communicator throughout my research.

I chose UN sustainable development goal 13, climate action because it connects the most to climate change.

My ATLs were thinking skills, research skills, and self-management skills

My inquiry connects to our school mission because it is our responsibility to save our planet. And for all people who don’t know about climate change, well, spreading awareness is promoting learning. But the last one, celebrate diversity, doesn’t connect to climate change.

And the vision: We could be empowered with more knowledge about climate change. Being able to take quick action or changes easily and efficiently makes us agile. Plus, taking positive action can be both inside and outside the school.

Main conceptual Understandings (findings, facts, and insights)

During my research, I mainly found out about action for positive change, but also about reasons for climate change and what is happening (climate change and the environment). My primary sources included Sharwari Khare who gave me some information about positive action, Mr. Hector Andrade who introduced me to a whole new perspective of reasons for climate change. You can find my secondary sources by clicking here.

And now, some information about climate change. Climate change means a significant change in one or more places or even the entire world. It is happening right now. No country in the world is not experiencing climate change. It is everywhere and has increased by more than 50%  since 1990. But climate change isn’t weather, though lots of people mistake it for the weather. Climate is measured over a long period of time, whereas weather can change from day to day, month to month, year to year, etc.

Here are some reasons for climate change. Climate change exists because of humans. We have been pumping carbon dioxide into the air much faster than at any time in the past. Humans have caused the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As of 2017, humans have caused approximately +1°C.  Plus, the air pollution is bad. In all cities around the world, toxic fumes from car engines, and power stations are damaging our health. And all of this carbon dioxide is heating up the Earth. We have caused everything to happen. Or have we? Many people believe that climate change is not really caused by humans, that it is just a natural cycle. And that could actually be true! Over the history of the Earth, the climate has changed whether or not humans have existed. Ice ages and heat waves have happened and there has been climate change and global warming in the past before humans have started existing. However, when climate change happens, it still ends up being a highly destructive force towards all life. Even if it is a natural cycle, humans might still be interfering with the natural pattern of the world.

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry

I created a website, here is the link. Also, I created a Scratch. I have an online poster on Google docs too.

Inquiry that leads to action

My personal action will be using absolutely no plastic for one day. You can take action by using your cars less, instead, use public transport like buses, or just cycle. Whenever possible, use electric transport. In fact, right here in Pune there are many electric buses. Instead of going on planes, use trains, which are actually more sustainable than planes. Every litre of petrol that our car uses is the same as 2.5 kilograms of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. We should also plant trees. Throughout the life of a single tree, it can absorb up to a ton of carbon dioxide. And we could put the three R’s into use – Reduce –  use fewer things that are bad for the environment, use them more efficiently. Reuse – buy more from second-hand shops and use things again and again until it is impossible to use. And Recycle – recycle as much as you can. For everyone person who recycles all the waste produced in his/her home, it can save 730 kilograms of carbon dioxide. We should also segregate our waste to make it easier to recycle. Also, wet waste can be used to make compost, which can be used to grow plants. We should also spread awareness about climate change. Tell people about climate change, about what they can do. The more people working to stop climate change, the better.