Coffee with the Counsellor: Parents with Preteens

A parent – counsellor  workshop was organized on UNDERSTANDING and WORKING with PRETEENS for PYP 5 and MYP 1 parents on Tuesday, March 21st.

An essential topic for every parent with an approaching teenager at home, the workshop saw a group of motivated parents engaging in interesting conversations. “Our children live in a different world than we grew up in!” was a mutually agreed upon sentiment which highlighted the important to glance at their world before working with them. Conversations developed around understanding the changing brain of our child, to handling sexuality education in the current world, bringing up many interesting points. Balancing Screen time seemed the most important concern to be tackled by this particular group.

The workshop came to a fruitful end with us beginning to look  into needs and happiness of parents of preteens. This is an essential part of the parent – child relationship. Our aim is that such interactions can aid parents and students to navigate the tumultuous teens with greater insight and empathy!

Follow up sessions and similar workshops for higher grades are also under consideration.

Ms. Shambhavi Singh